Monday, September 20, 2010

Catherwood Agpologizes For Lambert Joke.

Michael Catherwood, co-host for E!'s Daily 10 show is apologizing after making remarks about singer Adam Lambert, who recently was accused of assaulting a paparazzi.

Michael Catherwood said Friday, “From what I know about jail, Mr. Lambert probably wouldn’t have too bad a time.”

Lambert fired back on his Twitter saying: "It’s funny how some folks in the entertainment world echo the fearful ignorance of high school bullies, I suppose jealousy and poor tact are timeless."

Catherwood later responded saying: "I’ve always been a vocal supporter of the Gay community," Catherwood wrote on Saturday. "If offense was taken I’m sincerely sorry. Merely an attempt at comedy. My genuine apology to all in the GLBT community as well. Identifying me as homophobic is wrong though. Tasteless yes, but not hateful. I’ve identified that I misspoke and I sincerely apologize. All I can do is ask for forgiveness. Mike"

Blown out of proportion?? Give us your thoughts.

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  1. This was just the latest in a long line of homophobice behavior from Michael Catherwood. The worst part is that Dr. Drew Pinsky, an actual psychiatrist, employs him as the co host of Loveline, a talk show that gives advice on sex. If this guy actually thinks prison rape is funny, he certainly doesn't belong on Loveline, many of whose callers are gay men and rape victims. Now, one might argue that taking advice to anyone who calls himself "Psycho Mike" is not a good idea, but still, people do, and look at what kind of person he is. His 'apology' on twitter was completely disengenuous, as he continued his mocking on the Kevin and Bean show the next morning, participating in jokes about Adam's 'purdy mouth' and retweeting prison jokes. He also had social networking pages full of homophobic material. Blown out of proportion? I think not. He should be fired. Please sign the twitition to make it happen.